Re: You know you suck at arcade games

Andreas Kohlbach <ankman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

(Random thought just came to my mind.)

You know you suck at arcade games when...

I placed the coin in the slot, and pressed One Player. I chewed my gum a
few more times before neatly wraping it up again in it's original wraping,
and placing in my jeans coin-pocket. Then I spread my legs exactly 30cm
apart, with knees bent ever so slightly. Sniffed the arcade air and smelt
the 'stained carpet mixed with lollies and flat coke' odour. The arcade
machine was barely audible over Duran Duran streaming from a video jukebox.
Moved the Joystick quick-left and, as I prepared to press the fire button,
the machine said GAME OVER.