Re: User statistics for March 2007

On 2007-04-04 13:43:23 -0500, Andreas Kohlbach <ankman@xxxxxxxxx> said:
Hellmark wrote on 04. April 2007:
I know for me, I've just been really busy. Like just the other day,
had a baby llama born here, and so been busy working on stuff for
that, since we werent expecting the baby for another 3 months.
/me hands a cigar to the proud father.

I ain't the father! Captain Morgan has that honors (Yes, I have a llama named Captain Morgan).

Any photos? Can't remember ever have seen a baby llama.

Anyway, feel the urge to play a Llamasoft game on the C64 emulator now
for some reason. Probably Sheep In Space. :-)

Heh, I know what ya mean. Attack of the Mutant Camels probably for me.