Re: Slowing Games Down To 50 Hz ?

"Mark McDougall" <msmcdoug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Incubus wrote:

When I use mame, games are faster than the arcade machines.
Just trying to match them up.

I understand that, but you're completely on the wrong track and it's
going to help you get a solution.

Actually, I'm not that sure myself that MAME (or perhaps more
Windows) is very accurate. I've never run it side-by-side with an
game but I have run it side-by-side with a few FPGA implementations
should be pretty accurately clocked) and it does differ quite a bit
than I'd expect.

So perhaps you're never going to get it quite right?!?

Anyone else done some more accurate comparisons?


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That's why I brought up the fact that I use Retrocade.

It allows me to change the frequency either faster or slower, in 1 Hz
increments, which includes going way above 60 Hz and way below 50 Hz.
This allows me to get it extremely close, if not spot on. I just wish
that Mame had this same function.

Maybe in a future version.