Re: cabinet advise

My current TV remote can send signals through the bezel, so I turn the
TV on with the remote. With past TVs, I've drilled a tiny hole in the
bezel that lines up with the infrared sensor on the TV. This allows
the remote to send signals to the TV without the bezel blocking them.

JoeP wrote:
Thanks J,

For the responses I think my video card was a little loose or something
but it seems to be working fine now. My TV doesn't however
automatically turn on when plugged in which might cause some problems
when my Bezel is installed, how does everyone else work around that?
The sideways thing was the settings in mame under "advanced" tab I
played with a few of the different resolutions and have a system now. I
am just waiting for my rom sets and cabinet now. I have all my
controls, my 25" happ monitor bezel, my minipac my Happ 3" trackball
and 20+buttons. My compy is setup with 160gig harddrive for when the
roms show up. My marquee has been shipped and my control panel art
also. So things should go down in a few days. Its kinda fun just
playing on the TV set waiting for the cabinet. My garage is getting
more full of boxes everyday.