Re: RetroBlast! Game-a-Day Giveaway Contest - UPDATED RULES

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For the next 14 days, thanks to the folks at X-Arcade, we are giving
away one of four different Jakks Pacific TV games and a Midway PC CD,
every day up to and including February 26th.

All you need to do to enter is send an email a day to the RetroBlast
contest account.

Rules and stuff are at RetroBlast on the homepage as well as in
today's news.


1. What is the timezone used for the midnight rollover? -

Midnight will be based on Eastern Standard Time. Essentially any
email in the contest box tonight, with a timestamp prior to 12:00am
EST will be removed and we start fresh.

2. Can I wwin more than once?

Let's give everyone a shot, so one prize per person. Win once and you
will be out of the running for the remainder of the contest.

3. Do I pay for shipping?

In the US 48 - shipping is free

4. I live in Casablanca, what about meeeeeeeee?

Due to popular outcry we will ship outside of the US 48, but in that
case the winner will be responsible for shipping charges. The vendor
will ship the items to me and I will then turn them around to winners
outside of the US 48.

I think that does it, Good Luck!!


James McGovern
RetroBlast! News and Reviews

Pay for shipping? Thats taking the mick isnt it? Joke... thanks James.
BTW what is US 48? Are you excluding Alaska or Hawaii? Or are you all
jumping the gun and adding Cuba? ;-)

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