Re: Dreamcast Controller HKT-7300 to PC Mame

Martin Gerken wrote:

You can remove the Dreamcast elcetronics and solder the buttons/joystick to the circuit board of an el-cheapo USB-joypad (8 buttons!) This does
not take long and is not difficult at all!

The DC Joystick has a small PCB held in place with a couple of screws with a SIP connector from the buttons/joystick that fits perfectly onto a strip of IDC header pins (same pitch as vero-board).

What this means is that you can simply unplug the PCB and DC cable, and make your own adapter board (with cable) to replace it, without doing any damage to the DC joystick. Should you wish to use it on the DC again, simply unplug you board and replace it with the original.


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