Re: [OT] Pan Newsreader

MCR's last words before the Sword of Azrial plunged through his body were:
> Hellmark wrote:
>> SuperMappy's last words before the Sword of Azrial plunged through his
>> body were:
>>>Linspire appears to be a nice way to start out in Linux, if you've
>>>been using Windows for years. It makes the transition easier for panic
>>>mongers, so to speak. I decided not to go with the CNR warehouse option
>>>that allows you to download and automatically install programs, for now. I
>>>already got everything I needed with the free trial subscription.
>> Thats the area that Linspire draws flak over. When linux is free, why
>> should Linspire be only a trial?
> You're mixing up the context of 'free' pertaining to open source software.
> It's free as in speech not free as in beer. I know you can get Linux
> for free (as in beer), but it is not against the open source movement to
> charge. It's free for you to do whatever you want to do with it, even
> sell it, providing you provide the source code either on the same web
> site or media, or apon request.

I know the whole beer and speech arguement. However some argue that the
Linspire method of selling things but providing the source isn't in the
full spirit of the GPL, since it can be a bit difficult to get the source
to make modifications on to allow for people to give back improvements.
If you go by the faq to goto the place that they say the source is at, you
dont always get get the page that the source is located on. At various
times I've checked, and sometimes I get a blank listing.

Personally, I think its a bit self defeating, because nothing to stop
someone from putting all the source and binaries for linspire up elsewhere
for free.

This is all a wind up, I know, I'm just wanting to talk a bit to think of
something other than the shit going on here.