Re: Silverskin on Tri-Tips

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It's been years since I've cooked tri-tips. I got a 4-pack at
Restaurant Depot for $3.09/lb and cooked one each of the last 4 weeks.
3 of them had a thick layer of silverskin under the fat cap. I don't
remember tri-tips having this layer of silver-skin under there. You
had to lop off the whole fat cap to get the silverskin off of there
before slicing. Is the silverskin under the fat cap normal?


Also, 2 of these puffed up to half their width and more than twice
their height I suppose that silverskin had something to do with that
as well.

The muscle usually grows in height as the heat seizes the meat.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with the trimming (huge fat cap) and the
siklverskin on both sides of the tri-tip, I felt \I get better quality
at CostCo. Tastewise and pricewise they were fine. I was able to buy
only 13lbs worth to get the same price I would at Costco having to buy
20-23 lbs (otherwise at CostCo it's $5/lb at Costco for less than

The SLO county grillers usually leave the fat cap on during the grilling process - then just before serving they cut off the fat cap and re-brown/re-grill the area where the fat cap has been removed.

As tri-tip should be sliced across the grain the silver skin has little or no consequence. sometimes I remove it sometimes I don't.