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Some people I know cook at a higher temp and/or a shorter time.
They don't always get tender ribs.

I got perfect tender pork ribs at 2 hours at 325. I'd planned for 3
hours but changed my mind when I went to flip them at 2. I could tell
by the feel of the tongs sinking in that they were done to a turn. I
let them rest for 30 minutes before cutting them.

While not cooked to mush, the bones were easily cleaned with no real
tooth work. <g>
Peace! Om

They're done enough for me if I can get all the meat off the bones
without tools. I can't say as I have made any two hour ribs, but I've made
a bunch of four hour ribs that were quite acceptable. I have no qualms
about putting ribs on at 8am for feeding at 2pm. My problem is getting
them on by 8am.

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