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I discussed my experience with them with one of my favorite ER MD's at
work and he just smiled and said "they don't call them "teachers" for
nothing. :-) He'd used them now and then when he was in Med school.

OB food: Dried, they were quite tasty if one enjoys culinary mushrooms...

Off work for the day for 5 minutes of testimony? Nice. The best I did
was get paid for traveling from Bangalore, India to home. Thirty hours
about 24 which was OT. Plus a bonus for the work I did there. But,
there was very little raise that year to. So that made up for it...

Yeah. Going in for 1/2 of a day is not worth braving Austin traffic.
I sent a copy of the Subpoena to the boss and burned 8 hours of vacation

The defendant ended up plea bargaining.

What does OB mean? I see it frequently, when people want to have the
post partially on topic. Never determined what it meant.


I have had Morels once and like them. But gotta find a spot to harvest
yourself. Very expensive if buying from the store..


Fresh, they are $40.00 per lb. around here. I've considered purchasing
some dried ones on line.<g>

Wait for a forest fire, then check it out the following Fall. It's your
best chance.
- Billy
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