Re: Searing beef on a grill

probably a paragraph in the ADA law for that one, Lee
"Nick Cramer" <n_cramerSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Granby" <spaz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No but you can get a gun permit, better make it a scatter gum if you
want your best chance. Back to the food.
"Stormmee" <rgrass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
-Storrmmee is the cat... I, Lee, on the other hand don't, the state of
IL. doesn't give drivers liscenses to people who qualify for a Dog
Guide, she was being a smartee pants, LOL, Lee
[ . . . ]

Scattergun. Marksmanship for the visually impaired! ROTFL

Nick, KI6VAV. Support severely wounded and disabled Veterans and their
families: Thank a Veteran!
Support Our Troops: You are not forgotten.
Thanks ! ! ~Semper Fi~ USMC 1365061


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