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No but you can get a gun permit, better make it a scatter gum if you want
your best chance. Back to the food.
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does stormee drive, lee? dale
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I'll be right over next time you do this meal, lee
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All you need is 700F degrees at contact with the meat. It can be gas,
open flame, cast iron, what ever. Over 700, you get a faster sear.
Better, but not the end all be all difference.

The surface of the meat being dry sure does help for obvious reasons.

Just my 2 cents.



I read through the whole thread and had to do a double take. Every
single poster knew what they were talking about and every post
contributed something. I need to double check what I'm drinking.
I must be high on something.

I don't do steaks in the kitchen very often. My stove hood vent isn't
powerful enough to carry off the smoke. And I find myself reluctant
to get a grill pan hot enough on my stovetop to get the job done
I have an unjustified fear of damaging my cooktop with the heat
from a super hot grill or grillpan.

Last week I got stingy with the fuel in my sportsman grill even though
knew better. I could hold my hand within about 2 inches of the grill,
went ahead and tried to cook steaks anyway. Needless to say, 7 minutes
on a side is no way to cook a steak.

Last night I built a proper fire. I couldn't get my hand closer then
8 inches from the grill. The steaks were perfect at 2 minutes per
(1 inch NY steaks). Nice even sear, even close to a char on the ends
even 3/4" thick rare center.

I had fuel in the firebox withing about 1 inch of the grill. There was
grease drip into the fire, but flareup was minimized by virtually
the grease as fast as it dripped. I did not have to move the meat or
to spritzing the fire. I love it when a plan comes together.

Sides were large baker potatoes roasted naked in a 400F oven with
20 p nails inserted in both ends with about 1-1/2" sticking out.
were cooked to 200F then wrapped in dish towels to mellow out while
I got the table set up. Steamed green beans rounded out the plate with
hot crusty Italian bread and whipped butter on the side.

Its hard to give enough credit to the flavor developed in the surface
a properly seared steak as opposed to a fully cooked but unseared
steak. I personally like just the right amount of S&P seared right
the steak. I never use garlic or onion with such high heat.

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