Re: Very disapointed in Traeger handling a known manufacturing defect

On Feb 15, 7:07 pm, "DougW" <>
Bob wrote:
I saw that report on ripoff .com.  I'll file another one.  The BBB is
a good idea.  Will do.  And Doug, Who has the problem with powdercoat

Me. :)  For some reason I typed powercoat. :/  I blame lack of good scotch.


Ahaa! easy mistake. Report filed on Ripoff. Will campaign BBB
When dealing with Traeger, I was not demanding a new grill, I was open
to their suggestions on resolving the problem. I would have
considered them covering, or sharing the cost of
disassembly,sandblast, refinishing and asembly, a partial; credit on a
replacement unit, or any other solution. Offering a $3.00 can of
spray paint was unacceptable. When George Costner (Traeger Pellet
Grills LLC) immediately drew a line in the sand, I expressed my
dissapointment and initiated sharing my experience. Maybe if they see
other correspondance they will reopen a dialog. Amazon and several
BBQ sites have my review.

I am not sure that the cost of litigation would pay off after attorney
fees, etc.