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Has anyone ever used barbecued meats for tamale fillings? If so, how did you
mix the filling... with a sauce, just dry, other ingredients?

MartyB in KC

Marty, down here in San Antonio, we kill for tamales. Why just this
year we had another stabbing because someone cut in the two hour long
line at one of the tamale factories we have.

Tamales are serious business here, and they are viewed as a Christmas
tradition, but more than that, essential to any good New Year's
celebration. Our largest plant here said they literally sell millions
a year. We have several plants that make nothing but tamales, and
stores that sell nothing but tamales as well.

Oh yeah, we here in Austin don't have any tamale shops. You'll rarely even see them in any Tex-mex restaurant, except as maybe part of a combo plate. The only two restaurants specializing in tamales were run out of town years ago.

We came from Northern California. We don't eat these pencil dick-sized things you call tamales here in Texas. Our tamales come 2 or 3 to a pound, loaded with filling using just as much masa as you do here to make the pencil dicks.

Once you've eaten California tamales, these things will never suffice. Who wants to eat a bunch of soggy, lard-laden mooshed corn?


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