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Omelet said:
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Don't slice the spuds. Wrap them in foil and place them on a rock on
the edge of the campfire. Coal roast them whole. ;-d

But what about the butter flavor, and s&p, and what about adding
onions and peppers? I grant you can easily bake a potato next to a
campfire but it's little different from being baked in an oven.


I add butter, salt and pepper AFTER they are cooked.
And I don't like onions and peppers in my baked spuds.

I'm a purist. ;-d

Simpler is gooder, but that' a personal opinion! ;-)

And that would be the difference, what I was describing is definitely not a
recipe for baked spuds. If I wanted bakers I'd do exactly as you suggested
with an open fire.

It's a combination of frying and steaming, which I just avoid quantifying by
just calling them camp potatoes.

MartyB in KC