Re: food saver semi off topic

i got this one for fifty dollars including 2 canisters, and i bought it from
the lady behind us, so no shopping/shipping needed, otherwise, the price for
it was stopping me, Lee

Have a wonderful day

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On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 22:58:04 -0500, "Stormmee"
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ok so i just bought a v 2420 thinking it would help with several issues.
i am posting here because they sell a seperate maranating box, do any of
have/use this to marinate and what would be the advantages of it over just
sealing in the bag... any other tips/tricks/opinions or places to get the
bag materials cheaply would be very appreciated, Lee

I want to get a vacuum bag machine but I can't justify the price right
now, so I am no help to you. I use freezer bags and a straw to get out
all the air I can.