Re: Grilled ribs? Huh? Is this really barbecue?

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Yet, I saw on camera the host (who the hell is this guy anyway
a goofy host?) eat a rib that seem to have the right texture.
cooked to mush, the meat seem to just hold together while it
easily from the bone. From grilling??

So... has anyone here tried grilled spares?

Am I missing something?


Dunno about the show you saw, but was it possible that the ribs
had been boiled first? That's sure a common way to do them where
I grew up in MO, I've seen it done often in IN, OH and other
places across the South and Midwest. It isn't the way I've grown
to do ribs, but my bet is that parboiling ribs before finishing
them on the grill is how 75% or more of the typical weekend
warriors do it. If they don't parboil them first, they just toss
them onto the grill and let 'er rip until they're done, coating
them any number of times with sauce to let it caramelize.

Before someone shoots flame at me, I have grown into slow smoking
most pork since the mid 80's, so I've "matured." However, I also
am retired and have one heck of a lot more time on my hands than
when I was younger and (for real) had 2 full and 3 part time jobs
going at once for several years. <grin>

The parboiling "technique" merely places several racks of St.
Louis-style ribs in a big pot with water and boils them for a
while, until they're about fork tender and the meat just begins to
peel back from the bone ends. They're then painted with KC
Masterpiece-type sauce and placed on a low-medium grill to finish.
They're painted between each flip, which happens about every 5
minutes. . . about the length of time it takes to drink a beer. .
. which is also used to cure any flare-ups.

No flame here. Hell, I think most of us started out that way, had true
Q ribs, and decided to embark on the long journy to rib perfection :)