Re: Poll on Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

On Sep 8, 2:30 pm, "Dave Bugg" <davebu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
RockPyle wrote:
When cooking the ribs and other stuff, do you pull the other stuff off
earlier?  Some of them seemed more dry than the ribs.  Or do you just
cook them all the same and deal witht he range of moistness?

What do you mean by 'other stuff'? Are you talking about other meat?

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Yes, the top part of the sparerib after cutting off the main section
of ribs (to make them St. Louis Style). The main slab cooked
beautifully in about 5.5 hours to where the meat was very pliable and
the bones separated quite easily. The rib tip section was a little
more dry after the same amount of cooking. Do you pull the rib tips
off earlier, put them on later, or just deal with it?

This site has pretty good pictures (and they look reasonably like what
my butchering looked like!)