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One of the best whole hogs I ever tasted was by Bill Tolbert in McBee, SC on
his mega patio. A whole hog cooked in under 6 hours, it was fantastic! If
you can get a fresh pork shoulder you can get the same results at home. With
a fresh shoulder you can flip it at the end and 'puff' up the skin. A bad
shoulder will have soft, flabby looking skin. (before cooking)


Has anyone here had success getting puffed up skin with a bullet
smoker? I have a WSM and would like to try running it with a skin-on
shoulder and no drip pan. I haven't tried it yet for fear of a giant
grease fire. Any tips?

I just don't think you can duplicate the process in a WSM. Just not enough room to scoot-ch the coals far enough to the sides and especially if you did you might scald the sides of your cooker. With the lid on it may smolder the flames but that much grease smoldering won't help the flavor.