Re: terre haute bbq

I used to make them for my husband but, quite differently.

Wrapped each piece in a strip of bacon, Stuck a tooth pick in each piece to
hold it in place.

Baked on a cookie sheet in the oven for 30-40 minutes. Let sit a couple of
minutes. Dipped them in BBQ sauce or ranch dressing.

Hope you can seen the humor in the following.

When my husband went to the hospital for what we knew would be the last
time, he wanted me to bring him some of the above.

"Doctor said "No" Bob asked "why not, is it going to kill me?" Doctor was
a young pop and ran out of the room. He did leave the order, with a
notation that patient could have a beer if desired. Nurses ended up eating
what I brought as he was too tired to eat by then.

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Your liver and gizzards, deep fried or pan fried. Do you use flour and
seasoning or ?

They're the world's most simple: Cup flour plus one packet Good Season's
Italian salad dressing dry mix- all placed in a bag. Livers and gizzards
are rinsed well in water, then dredged in the flour- egg wash optional.
They are either pan fried or deep fried- I can't tell much of a
difference. I've experimented with redredging after a minute or two, and
like the extra breading, but it holds fat and I don't need the extra
calories. I serve them with a 50-50 mix of Texas Pete and apple cider


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