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Hhmmm, in my 65 years, I have called a lot of things but never a
Beer is mentioned in a lot of posts.

You know, build a fire, have a beer, cook the meat, have a beer.
enough of that.

I may be an old goat but definitely NOT a TROLL.

Are you a billy goat, Granby? :-)

Not so it shows! My son was here and saw that and got quite a laugh.

Glad to hear that!!! It was that combo of 'old goat' and 'troll' that
got me thinking of some billy goats gruff. ;-)

Guess any kind of goat should be careful on this site. There is bound
to be someone who would try to cook it!!!!
You two for got to use the operative word "kid" in there somewhere. You
two lacked in the banter in only that point :-)


When your "kid" is over 40, that is a bit difficult to do, and he would
hate it. Had he not been standing here, I might have done it anyway. He
isn't thrilled that I am going to try and BBQ, afraid I would get burned
but, knows better than tell me not to do it.

Everyone here is yelling I should have got an electric unit. NOT. May
be ok but can't imagine the food being what I am wanting. Should I duck
after saying that?

Granby - If I missed the mark, it was regarding Kid (as in goat). I'm
sorry for not being more clear. And by the way, the hell with the kid if
you want to BBQ. If anything, he should come and visit just about the time
your Q is done if he's smart. :-)

And no... I only use a wood/coal unit myself. Electric would be easier,
but it certainly would not be better.


You were clear enough about the kid, I got it but not sure he would.

Son lives just down the street and I am betting that when I get started I am
going to have to move everything into the dog enclosure, a 10 x 10 space and
put a padlock on it. A friend told me I may have to get a stun gun to keep
his hands out of things. Until I figure things out, I would accept help,
only if it was verbal.

I have canned and dehydrated food for years, one more burn won't be a big