Re: BBQ'ing Short Ribs on a Kettle

Desideria <desideria1313@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Dave Bugg" <davebugg2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Nick Cramer wrote:
"Dave Bugg" <davebugg2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Granby wrote:
I am sorry about top posting but, if you are blind, or nearly so,
finding the last line of the last post with a screen reader can be a
pain. Takes forever too. There is another lady who reads here and,
if she ever posts, she will top post too, for the same reason. I
really don't have that much to say anyway. I do enjoy this group
and have learned a lot from you all.

I am glad you are here; I really am. I find top-posting too time
consuming to untangle which post the top-poster is responding to. It
places the response out of context to that which is being responded
to. I just wanted you to know by kilfiling your posts, it is without
malice. There are no hard feelings on my part, but it (top-posting)
is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

I take it, from your post, that you have kf'd Granby, Dave.


Unfortunately, Dave has me killfiled as well just under the general
'posting from a gmail address'. It's a bummer, since I know he has
nothing against me personally and I rather like him. ;-(

It seems we all have different criteria for deciding who to kf and why.
Similarly, we all have different criteria for deciding who to keep around
and why. "Is a puzzlement."

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