Re: BBQ'ing Short Ribs on a Kettle

Fraid not, I was never into collecting opossum and squirrel recipes. She
was from Kentucky. I can't ever remember eating anything grilled or with
BBQ sauce at her house.

It was funny that this topic showed up as I have had this discussion about
the "boneless ribs". Hear people say they never taste right, that is
simply because they are not ribs. Try to tell people from the western side
on Indiana that and they say, "the meat department wouldn't call them ribs
if they weren't. I thought "so long as they can get someone to buy the meat
they will call it anything"
"Nick Cramer" <n_cramerSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Granby" <spaz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I read this group but would not attempt to post with all the experts here
but, as my dear old Granny would say,

IF IT AIN'T GOT BONES, IT AIN'T RIBS. That thing they sell in the meat
department should be illegal.

Just my 2 cents worth.
[ . . . ]

Post, Granby! Your 2¢'s worth might be more valuable than you think and
might stimulate some good discussions. Got any of your dear old Granny's

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