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Walt Fles (wefles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) opined:

I am using a chargriller duo for smoking and Id like to do
a brisket. The only problem is, if I put the briskey on
lengthwise with one end closer to the offset firebox, that
end gets too done and burnt. The briskets I want to by from
wal-mart are too big to fit from front to back. I don't
want to cut the brisket shorter because then Id get either
the flat or the point.

How can I eliminate the hot spot, or any other ideas?

Get a small piece of sheet metal (about 4" x 8", thickness
doesn't really matter) and use it as a deflector in front of the
firebox opening. Back it off about 5" at the bottom and lean
the 8" length over towards the top of the opening. The 4"
length shouldn't be much wider than the firebox opening so
convection heat can go around. The deflector will cut out the
radiant heat coming from the fire and hitting the meat, which is
what is burning your brisket. I did this modification on a
Chargriller Pro and it worked like a charm, I'm assuming a Duo
is set up similarly.

front view (not even remotely to scale)

grill level
+= = = = = = = = = = =+
/ |
/ |
/ +---------------+
deflector-> / fire box |
/ |
_______________/______| |
pit bottom |<-5"->| |
| |
| |

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