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Nunya Bidnits wrote:
Dave Bugg wrote:
Nunya Bidnits wrote:

Excellent effort. I would add regarding ABF that unless the group
charter specifically says its an English language group only, then
its acceptable to post in any language, even though the most
effective posts will be those in the language most common to the
group. Where I have wanted to read a post in another language, I
have used one of the many free online translators.

It really shouldn't have to say it. Language specific newsgroups
exist. German, French, Neders, Spanish, etc. This is an
English-language newsgroup. If I wanted to post to a german-language
cooking group, I would expect to post in german or recieve a negative
reaction from that group's users. By the same token, I would expect
anyone from any country to have the courtesy to engage this ng using

That's how you feel but that's not the same answer I got when
consulting several network "guru" types. The consensus was that if it
doesn't prohibit multi-lingual posts, they are not against the group

How did I say any different? I used the words "courtesy", "negative
reaction"; I said nothing about prohibition.

In any case in the case of criticism, it strikes me that
those are the people who are not going to translate, either the
poster or the readers. Therefore, posting criticisms, unless in the
same language as the post, are not going to be understood by the
person they are intended to criticize, just as the original posts
will not be understood by the criticizers. Therefore it would seem
like a waste of time to bother, and just let it go.

Perhaps. But the charter doesn't prohibit such criticisms. So, there we are.
A non-English post is wasting time balanced by the waste of time in
criticizing such postings.

As far as the worldwide community, I meant one in which everyone
communicates, rather than being separated by various forms of
barriers. Its a good thing IMO.

Posting in a foreign language to an English language ng *is* a fundamental
barrier. Having spent three years of my life living in Europe, I'm very
interested in this NG engaging with those from other countries. But in

The Dutch language posts found Dutch language readers and responses.
I was also able to follow the thread by using free and easily found
translators, which I bookmarked for easy future reference.

Good. Then it would be most helpful if you would instruct those posting in
neder on how to avail themselves of those tools so that they can translate
their writings to English prior to posting here.

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