Re: I just can't do hamburgers.

Kent wrote:

|"ceed" <ceed.spameater@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
||I can do brisket, ribs, home made sausage, but I just can't do
||hamburgers! Whatever I try to do, as soon as they get on the grill
||they fall apart. I've tried everything like adding this, that and
||the other. I've tried to grind the meat myself, but no go. What's
||the secret to get hamburger that can actually be grilled without
||ending up as crumbles?
||I'm totally at a loss here! :)
||P.S. If someone has a simple trick to beef up the flavor (pun
||intended) of hamburgers I'd appreciate it.
||-- //ceed
|I agree fully with all the others about using hambuger with 20% fat.
|Also it tastes much better. For years I've been spraying my
|hamburgers and steaks with PAM before they go on the grill. I've been
|doing this on my own for years; I just read that Julia Child in "The
|Way to Cook" published in 1989 suggested doing the same thing. This
|markedly decreases sticking and it gives a better char outside while
|retaining moisture inside. On gas hambuger cooks best on a flat side
|up porcelain cast iron grate. That, and flaky fish doesn't stick to
|it. I think stainless steel round grates are to be avoided. The steel
|grates on the 22" Weber are marginal, though the problem is much less
|with the hotter charcoal and grate temp. Hope this helps,

Yup, seems like the lean mean hamburger I've used is to blame. I will
try 80/20 and if that works better. Kinda hard to get the right amount
when I grind it myself though.