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hey now--cedar is great for grilling nce fresh caught salmon
filets!!!! Are you doing the GAB??

Yeah, but thats on a plank, right? You don't actually burn it, do
ya? Maybe
I can learn something but I hate to do it off some damn spam....

YEAH! We are doing the GAB. Are you??

MartyB in KC

the plank does char and impart a smokey cedarness to the fish--kinda

Working on the app as we 'speak'---just trying to figure out how
many catagorys is gonna be too much work along with cooking 2+
contests on the same weekend along with an 8hr drive each way!
Think diesel will be back to about $.30/ gal by then<LOL>\buzz

Oh yeah, sure! Actually I think you'll be lucky if dubyafuel isn't 30
*bucks* a gallon by then! I'm glad we only have to go across town.
That's one benefit of competition in KC.... you can stay real busy
if you want to just within 25 miles from home. Of course that also
means lots of other competition teams, but that just makes us
better, right? <g>

They do have some variety in the categories, and cheap to get into
the side
contests. If you're a glutton for punishment, max it out!

MartyB in KC

Would be nice to have to drive hours all the time for a good
contest---my partner is a 'grill guy' so he likes doing the
sides--probably cook a couple batches of wings too--
see ya there

Got a pit number assignment yet?

MartyB in KC