Re: Pizza Stone on the Grill

Kent wrote:
Does anyone have a pizza stone that works on a gas or charcoal grill without cracking up. Has anyone used fibrament. If so does fibrament absorb enough of the dough moisture to crisp the bottom of the crust?
Has anyone used any other stone material on the grill.

I made a great Pizza Margherita on the grill today. I used fresh basil, seeded sliced tomato, and fresh mozzerella and nothing else. This was the second time in 10 years I've tried this, and the second time I cracked the pizza stone on the grill. The stone temp. was about 600F; several drops of liquid spilled onto the stone when I took the pizza off and it cracked. I'm pretty sure it's because the bottom of the stone was 600F or higher, and the top suddenly became 100F or so.

If any make pizza routinely successfully, I would sure like to hear how you do it, and what kind of stone do you use?



Yes, got it from Walmart a few years ago, I fire the grill up to as hot as it will get. Fresh homemade dough, then simple toppings, boom done.

No cracking at all.

for grilled pizza you can drop the stone as well. Make your dough, place all the crusts you've made between separate sheets of wax paper. Get the grill ready, put raw dough on grate, I can usually do two at a time. It does not take long to crispy up one side. When all crusts are done on one side, start doing the toppings a the grilled side, take it back out, put is over indirect heat to finish the bottom and top.