Re: Stainless Steel justifies a $200 difference from a non-ss model?

Edwin Pawlowski wrote:

I've never owned a SS grill. I have read that they are a PITA to keep clean though. My grill is well used, but a dark color so that bit of smokiness that gets on the top does not show. IMO, that is the only consideration. From the specifications, it should cook the same.

The one I have shows every spot of rain, smoke or grease and dust. It's not as much of a problem, though as it sounds. When I hose off the patio, I also hose off the grill's exterior. To clean it, like when company is coming, I use the SS cleaner sold at Home Depot and a green scouring pad. The pad makes "scratches" in the SS, but you soon just learn to work with the grain and after while it has a burnished appearance. After scouring with the SS cleaner and pads, wiping with a clean rag leaves the SS looking new and it stays that way for weeks, except for smoke/grease.

Inside, a SS grill is just like any other. Covering the grates occasionally with aluminum foil and running the burners on hot until the smoke stops cleans it out really well.


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