Re: Buying brisket

Steve Wertz <swertz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:1hb1fcbqgvs3y

On 21 Apr 2007 16:14:54 GMT, ceed wrote:

Thanks. I got a couple yesterday at Randalls. They were $1.29/lb and
marked USDA. ...

USDA what? Select, choice, prime...

Sorry. USDA Select.

Warning: I've been burned too many times buying meat at Randalls.
I just returned some to Randalls today and got my money back.

I've mostly been happy with Randall's meat. Wal-Mart on the other hand
has been bad at times. I wish I knew a good butcher around here. The one
I used to go to went out of business.

I did the "bend-test" and picked a couple that were more
bendy than the others.

I've never heard of the bend test.

It's bending the brisket. If ends meet it's supposedly good. I have to
say that the one I did Saturday was perfect! Wonderful smoke ring, moist
and tender. I used a mix of apple, oak and pecan wood chips. It sat in
the Brinkmann for 14 hours. I did cover it with foil the last 4 hours,
but did not wrap it.

Thank you for your help