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Mark and Gloria Hagwood wrote:
:: We occasionally like skewered foods, such as shrimp or
:: scallops, cooked on our grill. As most of you know, it's
:: difficult turning skewers of about anything, since the meat
:: tends to rotate on the skewers as you turn the. A neighbor
:: showed me some skewers he bought, and I thought I'd pass the
:: tip on to you all. The skewers he showed me are "Iranian
:: Kabob" skewers. They are flat, like flexible swords and
:: about 22" long. Mine have wood riveted handles with blades
:: approximately 1/2" wide. Wider blades are also available,
:: but tend to cut too wide a swath.
:: To make mine work better with scallops, which tend to split,
:: I actually sharpened the point so that it cuts the meat more
:: easily.
:: Now, here's the problem: I'll be darned if I can find a URL
:: for anybody that sells them. If I could, I'd post it here
:: for you. I got mine at an Iranian grocery store here in Las
:: Vegas, but don't remember even the "brand name" on the
:: package. If anyone can find a URL for these kabob swords,
:: they'd be doing us all a favor if they'd post it.
:: Mark

I just use two of the bamboo skewers, side by side for each skewer of
food. I know, it uses twice as many skewers, but these things are


What BOB said. After you double skewer food with skinny little skewers,
you can handle them easily with tongs. They are then a little raft of food
with no tendency to rotate on the skewers. Bay scallops might present
a problem, but sea scallops perform admirably. Shrimp and chicken
tenders do really well also. While the blade/sword style skewer might
have merit, I personally wouldn't fool with it.

Brick(Found a motor, can't get it started)

Considering that the blade type skewer is the standard throughout
essentially the entire middle eastern kabob world I think it has more
than passing merit. Not sure why it's so hard to find in the US though.

Pete C.