Re: Lump charcoal in Everett area

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 14:52:53 GMT, JD <jdblackwell2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There's a BBQ joint on Evergreen Way here in Everett, about 3
miles north of me ("Big Bam's BBQ") I've been thinking of trying.
(anyone ever eat there?)

I did. It was much less than inspiring. Somebody told me Mo's on Hewitt
has improved but since they grossed me out from the gitgo I haven't been
back. SInce you're a local, have you been to Bodacious BBQ in Granite
falls? Excellent.

Never get over that way, but I might make a trip. Heck, I still need
to check out the Armadill(d)o in Woodinville.

And thanks for the info re Big Bam's. I saw in one thing Google
turned up, 'many Cajun-style dishes'--this lowered my interest level
very quickly.

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