Re: Got it working from my browser,,,

Mike "Piedmont" wrote:

Forgive, I'm not sure that I understand your suggestion of going
HTML, I posted them so that they would open in a word processor so
that anyone could easily download and print out. I wasn't focused on
displaying them on the web site.

That means that whoever reads them has to have a word processor that
can read that particular document.

Question: If they were in HTML, how would that work? As far as ease
of downloading to a word processor so they can be printed out, or
saved on a persons pc for reference. (which was my main concern)

Any MS Word document can be saved as HTML, and it will be more or less
similar to the original doc. The HTML produced is normally crappy, but
often better than nothing for those who aren't familiar with page

It's possible Steve has done that for you already, maybe even cleaned
up the code.


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