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On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 08:11:21 -0600, "Mike \"Piedmont\""
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Forgive, I'm not sure that I understand your suggestion of going HTML, I
posted them so that they would open in a word processor so that anyone
could easily download and print out. I wasn't focused on displaying them
on the web site.

Words and pretty pictures on the web should be in HTML. If retaining
formatting is absolutely necessary, then there's always <spit> .PDF.

Replace your current page with this one:

Then go here:

and download the four .PDF versions of the Word docs. Upload them into
the same directory on your site that the Word docs are in.

Those .PDFs don't want to open in Mozilla or IE, but they open fine on
my local drive. Don't know why and don't have time to figure it out.
You might need to create new .PDFs from the Word docs with PDF995, a
free printer driver for making .PDFs (

Question: If they were in HTML, how would that work? As far as ease of
downloading to a word processor so they can be printed out, or saved on
a persons pc for reference. (which was my main concern)


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