Re: OT: Fix for the latest MS security hole is available.

On Thu, 05 Jan 2006 19:54:43 -0500, Steve Calvin
<calvins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>This one's serious and I would recommend immediately
>installing the fix from the following Microsoft site. It's
>This patches the latest *very* serious security hole in WindoZe.

Thks for the heads-up, Steve. This may sound heretical, but Mr. Gates
comes in and checks every day at 3 Ay-Emm to make sure I'm up to date
and patches me up if not. It's not a matter of choice with XP Pro -
the first time you fire up a new machine it checks in with the Head
Office and leaves its return address.

Welcome to the soon-coming-to-your-neighbourhood-user-pay-


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