Re: So is there another forum?

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news:1193185509.433907.276900@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Reading through some recent posts and it seems rather cryptic. I read
and posted years ago and thought the group had just gone downhill.
Used to post under Jenny06...@xxxxxxx

I lurk and sometimes post on (handback enthusiast). Or's forums. Or MakeupAlley.

There are others. This one went to the dogs a long time ago.

Holy crap, what happened? I used to hang out here years ago, and this
was a jumpin' place. I stopped back in because I'm moving and need a
new salon recommendation, and I was really looking forward to getting
back into things here.

Man, I guess I've been away longer than I thought.

Any recs on where I might be able to post my salon query? I posted
last night over on's forums, but that doesn't look all that
heavily trafficked anymore either.

So sad.