Knock It Off

You swore that you'd never do it. But, while you're on a trip to
mainland China, your tour guide has taken your group to a spot where
you can buy products that are clearly made to look like designer
goods ... but aren't. $200 "designer" handbags go for $25. Those
pricey fountain pens you love, but can hardly afford, sell for only
$4. They're fakes, of course, but they look exactly like the real

You know that the knock-offs are illegal, but more than half the
people in your group are loading up on them. One fellow buys a
"designer" suitcase to lug home all the stuff he's bought. You know
members of other tour groups before yours, and they've had no trouble
bringing such products home.

You're really tempted by that $4 fountain pen, knowing that the real
thing would run at least $350 back home. Would you buy one little
something for yourself? And maybe something for a loved one? And a
friend? Or would you absolutely stick to your guns and buy nothing?

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