Re: Chanel Black Satin: a new lemming item?

I still have both Vamp and Metallic Vamp (the purple one)! I also
owned a straight black polish from WnW when I was in high school...
Dark red is a/the hot color this season, so it sorta makes sense that
nails would go black-red-burgundy as well. Add me to the list of those
who stay away from dark fingernails. Besides, I haven't bought any
Chanel cosmetics in ages, and I'd like to keep the streak. But it
would be an inexpensive way to mix in this season's color trend without
investing too much. If I see something from Lippmann (beside Walk away
Renee) or Milani, I may get it, though, to have it just in case!

BTW, you know there was a French movie called _Lemming_ playing a while
back at a nearby theater, but not enough people went to it to qualify
it as a bona fide lemming of course I skipped that one as