Re: Chanel Black Satin: a new lemming item?

jrogow wrote:
"EMiriamD" <emiriamd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
So, it looks like Chanel is looking to repeat its outrageous 1994
success with Vamp nail color-- except now it's called Black Satin.
Vamp was probably the first serious lemming item I can think of that
drove everyone wild with product desire. It was instantly popularized
when Uma Thurman wore it in "Pulp Fiction." Women had to put their
names on waiting lists at Chanel counters; some tried bribing SA's to
sell them the testers--or else just stole the testers, according to
newspaper reports at the time.

Are we going to seriously covet Black Satin?

~Black~ nail polish . . . why?

That's what so many said at the time...and then promptly succumbed. I
don't especially feel like deviating from my standard pale Essie colors
but who knows? Maybe the universe needs a new Goth moment...