Re: GOOB Sale - Hecht's Chevy Chase MD

MicheleH wrote:

I agree with this psot.

Also, I miss the Woodies from the mid to late 1980s, when they were the
*best* place to shop. Hecht's was too crowded and "low-end" by
comparison, and Garfinkel's was too snooty and "high-end". But Woodies
was just right. My two locations were Tysons and Fair Oaks....Tysons
turned into JCP and then got torn down entirely for the new wing, and
Fair Oaks is Lord & Taylor (though you can still half-close your eyes and
see where stuff used to be in the old configuration). As much as
shopping has improved overall in the DC/MD/noVA area, I still think those
were the glory days.


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Ah, Woodies (sigh). You are so right Michele this is bringing back
memories from the late 80s for me too. Hecht's quality was never as
good and Garfinkel's was fun to browse in but until their GOOB sale I
could never afford to buy clothes there. The big downtown Woodies was
2 blocks away from where I worked at the time and I could literally
find anything I wanted there, you name it - wedding, xmas and birthday
gifts, clothing for me. It seemed every time I had a mental picture of
some type of garment or accessory I wanted, Woodies' store brand would
have it at the right price. I found an adorable red trench coat, and a
black washed silk skirt I still have.

Vicki in DC