Re: GOOB Sale - Hecht's Chevy Chase MD

cofarb wrote:
"Vicki in DC" <Nickycharles2002@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My favorite morning radio station had a short blurb about everything in
the store being marked down except cosmetics. It didn't say when the
last day was. Since I haven't been there yet I don't know if the good
stuff's still there or how much of a markdown's been taken so far. But
I thought I'd share anyway since I know us DC area AFers have had some
trouble finding out about Hecht's GOOB sales as the Macy's
consolidation continues.

In case anyone hasn't yet heard, this particular store's being closed
to make way for the new Bloomies and mall in Chevy Chase.

Happy shopping y'all and if anyone goes, please report back on how much
is left!

Vicki in DC

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, that was "my" Woodies! (I always
despised Hecht's, having had some very bad customer dis-service
experiences.) That area is so built up now. They're putting up an entire
mall with a Bloomies there? Will the White Flint Bloomingdale's close?

Inquiring minds,

Yeah, I remember that well, it was Woodies when I was in college and it
was a pretty nice one. Always had more high end things than the
others, probably because CC has always been a nice area.

I definitely know Bloomies and an entire mall is getting built where
Hechts is now, and I'm guessing the huge parking garage will become the
mall and have a good several floors w/ underground parking. I haven't
heard anything about Bloomies at White Flint closing so I think they're
going to make a go of having 2 stores pretty close together.

Should be interesting...IMO it'll work. There are enough people in DC,
Arlington VA and suburban MD to have two, especially given how bad
traffic can be and how slow the Metro can be. I can see DC and
Arlington shoppers going to Chevy Chase. It'll be on the Metro, easier
than Tysons for some VA shoppers w/o cars to get to and much quicker
via Metro than WF.

Vicki in DC