Re: NM and credit cards

Then explain why they take American Express and not MasterCard or

AmEx generally has higher merchant fees than MC or VISA.

It used to be that you had to pay to even get an AmEx but they've
decided it's better to get the charge business.

Charlie: My thought: they think American Express has a certain level
of sophistication over MC or VISA. I remember about 6 years or so when
I stopped in several upscale shops in Hawaii that they did not accept
MC or V. They answered rather haughtily with: we only accept
American Express. Now I have both, but I like to divide up the reward
of accumulating mileage points for airline travel. I think this way
of thinking about AE is fairly common, or at least it used to be. Now
it seems more shops/restaurants/hotels accept all. If they want the
business, they should recognize all three cards. It's a credit card
and it should be about business.