Re: So You Think You Can Dance? - An apology

My husband and I watched the first few episodes of "so you think you
can dance". I am an absolutely awful dancer, but I love to dance, and
I do at occasions when/where appropriate.
My husband kept joking that I should try out for the show because I am
actually better than some of those trying out. My problem is that I
can't even keep a beat. I told him I would do it, and my schtick would
be that I dance a capella, so I won't have to worry about keeping a
beat. He thought that would mean I would get on TV for sure!


ahmward wrote:
"moira" <moirap69@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
itsjoannotjoann wrote:
I've been thinking this over and I was too hasty and too snotty in my
reply. Please accept my apology for my nasty post, it was
Hope we can all be friends again and I promise to keep my fingers
the keyboard with tacky responses.

Thanks for the apology. Although I didn't take your response
personally, it seems like a few others did. By all means, let us all
be friends again.

And I'm still curious as to what shows everyone watches for the
What Not To Wear and Project Runway are givens (imho) but what other
shows do you watch and go "I have got to have


I rarely watch What Not to Wear but love Project Runway. There are few
current tv shows I watch for the clothes but I love to see the clothes
in movies.