Re: Have a look at my itemized fashion budget!

"David RL Gärtner, RMT" <derbarbier@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


i also shop thrift stores. i have a very nice Kenneth Cole LS
shirt that i paid $5 for. i regularly check their inventory, and
have found several nice shirts and trousers - RL, Gap, Express,
Structure, Levi's. i still can't believe i found a pair of
Levi's low rise in my size for $6.

I regularly rave about the availability of great women's dress coats at
thrift shops (people save them for "good" occasions and, therefore, never
wear them). I think the men's equivalent is dress shirts. The styles don't
really change, as far as I can tell, and I see a vast rainbow of them at
SalVal all the time, many in perfect (unworn) condition. I think men/boys
outgrow them before they wear them.



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