Re: Birthday handbag, Paris postponed

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Just figured I would give a quick update from my posts from a few weeks ago. I finally decided on a birthday handbag from my DH, a full five months after my birthday! This was a special birthday gift as it coincided with a lot of big changes in our lives - getting married and moving to another country. I picked out a lilac Balenciaga motorcycle handbag in the "First" style. I have carried it just a few times and am waiting on some leather protectant spray I ordered so that I won't have to worry if it gets rainy.

I had also asked for Paris recommendations (and received some great ones) and promised to post details on our weekend trip. It turns out we had to postpone our trip due to DH's work. We will be rescheduling soon as the trip was a wedding gift from his office and they want to make sure we have the opportunity to take it.

The handbag sounds fabulous. I need to find an on line link. Since your trip is postponed, you will have time to do even more research.