Re: Wearing white?.....does it really make you look fat?

i don't wear white anywhere near my hips, unless i have a darker jacket that
is at least below hip length.


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Here's a question.....does white really make a person look bigger? Is it
really the least slimming and unflattering of all colors?

I would love to have some white garments; maybe a white coat for spring,
some white terry pants for casual wear, but I am afraid of the color
because I thought black is supposed to be very forgiving and white is
supposed to automatically make you look huge. LOL.

What's the real story, a.f.?

Assuming the fabric and cut are identical except for color, IMO white does
make you fatter. You have to be more conscientious of material (avoid
expanse of shiny) and cut (want body skimming).



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