Re: Bangs or no bangs?

"Wendy" <wendyandbrent@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am trying to decide whether in a week or two I will ask my stylist to
give me bangs. I am thinking of a long bang, maybe a sidesweep?

My current hair is 'almost' to the middle of my back, blonde (lots of
highlights), and layered. Everytime I see my stylist I look in a mag,
find a picture of Gisele Buchenden (sp.?) and say 'I want that', if that
gives you an idea. Just long, layered hair. The shortest piece of my
hair that could be considered a bang is even with my chin.

I have had my hair in this style with slight variations in the layers
for some time because this style really works for me. I have had lots of
changes in color. However, I really feel I need some change in the cut.
I am just afraid I won't like it. Should I go for the bang? I guess It
wouldn't be the end of the world b/c my hair grows pretty fast. Or
should I just stick with what I am used to? I want my bangs to look
sexy, not frumpy or dowdy.

What specifically should I ask for if I do go for it. Any help is much


I've had long unlayered hair, really short layers with bangs, traditional
bob, etc. over the years. To me, the drawback of bangs is the growing out
process if you decide you don't like them. I *hate* having my hair in my
eyes, so the period between above-the-brows bangs and tuck-behind-ears is
really frustrating for me. But a lot of people don't seem to mind having
their hair in their eyes.

If you go with bangs, I recommend starting with long, "messy" bangs rather
than straight-across bangs. If you want them shorter, your stylist can snip
them after you've adjusted to them. My stylist used to cut them in a way
that kept them from being too heavy. They were easy to live with because my
hair was never in my eyes, but growing them out was very annoying.