Re: What’s the best Star Wars video game for the P C?

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I might as well jump on one of the bandwagons leaving out. I personally
thought both KOTORs were the highest quality games to be equaled only by
the Gamecube SW games. Being able to do the trench run, DS 2 run, and
Battle of Endor kept me busy for literally hundreds of hours. Back to
KOTOR...considering all the games I've played, they were the most unique
and original because you had to discuss problems with your team, every
decision affected your template of powers, you could choose which team
members to send out, and everything leveled in an interesting and useful
way. You couldn't just pick 3 team members at random and expect to
survive. You had to "think" and "plan" your game play. It was almost SWG
like because of the shear number of customizable features. The story
lines kept me entertained, which never happens. My only complaint is
that both KOTORs ended badly. I would have gladly waited another year
for them to get the ending of KOTOR 2 at a level equal to the game overall.

Time for the hack and slash. But that's my 2 cents.

I haven't played KotOR, so I'm not sure how "RPG-ish" it actually is,
but RPG games a released and sell by the ton on the Gameboy and
Nintendo DS handheld consoles.

Personally I prefer RPG games to use turn-based fighting. It gives you
time to actually plan and control characters properly, rather then
simply barge in a bash everything with your sword, while the rest of
your party stands around getting their brains mashed by the baddies -
computer artificial "intelligence" just never works.

I'm actually just the opposite lol Turn based feels too confining to me,
but I do see your point. With the party system in KOTOR, you equipped
each team member with a specific weapon that would get you the best
results. Sometimes you had to fight both electronic and human foes, so
using a blaster alone or a disruptor alone didn't help much. KOTOR's AI
wasn't too bad when it came to your party, but the AI of the other side
was as expected. Hack and slash sword fighting and blaster bolts at it's
best. One thing I did like was how you could make the game auto pause at
the beginning of a fight. You got to see who you were fighting and plan
out which should go down first.

Anybody, you should try it out when you get some free time just for the
sake of having done it. But don't quit before you leave the first
planet. I think while you are in space traveling, you finally feel like
you are doing something, and the speaking with the team starts coming
into play. Oh, and it doesn't matter which one you try. The sequel can
stand alone.

I have bought both games, but haven't played them - partly because I
don't really have the time, but also because my ageing computer isn't
good enough to run them.