Re: Did You Make It to the Sith Finals?

thanks... yeah I agree.

I mean, not to dis anyone but, the names we were given were quite...
contrived really. I thought to myself "this is the best that were
chosen for voting?"

When I chose my name, I actually looked at a thesarus and tried to
find exotic sounding names that actually doubled as a vocabulary word.
Ever since I heard "Sidious" that was like "cool! a play on an evil
sounding word!"

Another name I would have submitted would have been

"Darth Severitus"

a play on sever (which is a synonym for sunder) and a play on severity
which is a synonym for fury

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I didn't make it to the finals but that was, I think because like oyu
I neglected to explain the name. Same thing, I didn't realize there
was the opportunity to do that.
I've always used my "Darth" name when I played online before.

Darth Sunder

Sunder = To break off or sever.

I actually like that name. Possibly better than the 5 we have to vote for.