Re: Did Darth Sidious create Anakin?

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Nobody is saying ignore that book or any other book (other than the
'parrallel universe' stories), but nowhere in that quote does it
actually say Sidious or Plagueis created Anakin, or that they even
could. Plagueis could easily be lying to Sidious, and / or Sidious
could easily be lying to Anakin. The Sith lie to get what they want -
that's a fact. All that quote provides is another vague hint from
another known liar.

There is NO actual proof (yet) that Anakin was created by either Sith

What does "actual proof" mean?

Something not based on a vague hint from known liars.

Something other than that _has_ been provided by myself and by others.
All you can say, though, is "there is no actual proof." And when
pressed on what constitutes "actual proof," you can't provide an

And you accused me being contrary? (rolls eyes)